Love It or Hate It? Chefs Dish on Thanksgiving Foods 
By Kelly Dobkin 
No meal seems to be as polarizing as Thanksgiving. For every diner who sings the praises of the ultimate 
American comfort-food feast, three others will gripe about dry turkey and bland, starchy sides. We asked a few 
chefs to share their most beloved and hated Turkey Day foods and uncovered some unexpected results. Which 
former Top Chef Masters competitor prefers canned cranberry sauce to homemade? Read on to find out. 
Executive Chef Sean Kinoshita, TAO Asian Bistro, Las Vegas 
“My favorite thing to eat is stuffing. I don’t like anything fancy - no nuts, no giblets, no cranberries. I just like a 
simple mix of carrot, onion and celery sautéed till it melts. Then I add the diced bread and sauté in butter until 
it’s all mixed well and incorporated. Next I add well-seasoned chicken stock and mix until it is all a little 
saturated. I place it in a flat baking pan and cook till the top is crispy. I like a nice, crispy crust on my stuffing 
(with gravy, of course).”