How to Brunch in Las Vegas at LAVO

Bloody Marys at LAVO Weekend brunch in Las Vegas is a dining experience of the highest order. Classically inspired delicacies from around the world intermingle to provide a sweet and savory overload that makes for the perfect gathering after a late night at the clubs, though calling it a recovery meal would be an injustice.  Instead, brunch is the quintessential decrescendo to the previous evening’s crescendo.  Many nightlife revelers seek a classic Vegas brunch to prolong the euphoria and closeout their weekend with gusto. Read More ...

Published on: 08/22/2015 Author : TAO

Come to Las Vegas. Party at TAO.

There are a million and one places to eat, drink and enjoy life in Las Vegas, but why take a chance on trial and error when you can experience the best the first time out? TAO knows Las Vegas, and we’d like to share our list of the best food choices and widest range of entertainment options on the Strip. High-class brunch? We have you covered. Dayclub party? Done. Decadent and unforgettable dinner? It’s here. So if you’re planning to visit Las Vegas, here’s what a perfect day would look like.
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4th of July Weekend at TAO

Las Vegas 4th of July TAO BeachCelebrate your 4th of July weekend in style at TAO Beach and TAO Nightclub! The events at TAO this year are some of the hottest in all of Las Vegas. 

TAO Nightclub kicks off the weekend on Friday night with a party-packed performance from Politik. Stick around for Saturday night when the fireworks start as DJ Khaled takes the stage by storm. 

For daytime fun, TAO Beach lights up the weekend with a DJ set from Paris Hilton you definitely won't want to miss. On Sunday, Javier Alba will then take to the tables to keep the party going. If these events aren't enough to get you to Vegas for the 4th of July, here are a few more: 
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You Need to Be Eating at TAO Beach. Here’s Why.

lettuce cups at tao beach las vegasIf poolside dining to you means soggy chips, cold hot dogs, and warm, flat beer, it’s time to rethink the whole game. At TAO Beach, we take poolside dining seriously. With world-class chefs creating some of the most unique and flavorful dishes in Vegas, grabbing a bite at TAO Beach is more than a meal…It’s an experience.  
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A Reminder Why EDC Brings You Back Every Year

EDC Las vegasThis year, Insomniac is celebrating its 5-year anniversary of EDC Las Vegas. After making the move to Nevada in 2011, hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers have ventured out to the entertainment capital of the world to attend one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals. Each year, EDC Las Vegas
grows in size and notoriety. Here's why missing out on it is just a terrible idea.  Read More ...

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June at TAO: Upcoming Events at TAO Beach and TAO Nightclub

Las Vegas Marquee Events in JuneJune at TAO is a non-stop party, and this month is shaping up to be a hot one, especially given the fact that EDC comes to town. With the likes of Eric Dlux, New World Punx, Politik and the great Cedric Gervais taking over, just to name a few, there’s really no reason not to be here. Check out our lineup below, and get your tickets today to the hottest shows at TAO Nightclub and TAO Beach today. The party waits for no one Read More ...

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How Vibe-Dining at TAO Restaurant Will Change the Way You Eat

tao restaurant las vegas interior and food mosaicLas Vegas is interesting. On one end of the spectrum, you have those that believe Sin City is a place of over-indulgence, debauchery and decadence. Then there are those that see Las Vegas as an oasis of retreat, a destination for the overworked in need of relaxation and a haven for wish-come-true believers… These two schools of thinking are both right. And that sentiment could not be truer than within the walls of TAO restaurant experiencing what we call, Vibe Dining
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Proof That Brody Jenner and William Lifestyle Totally Destroyed at TAO

brody jenner and william lifestyle at taoBrody Jenner is making another mark on the world as a prominent DJ, kicking off his music career in Las Vegas, performing with Los Angeles-based DJ, William Lifestyle. The two recently graced the booth at TAO multiple times and completely dominated the place. If you didn’t catch Jenner’s One Night Stand residency at TAO, here’s what you missed.  Read More ...

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Fuel the FOMO: What You Need to Share on Social Media This Memorial Day Weekend

memorial day pool party in vegasIf you’re heading to Las Vegas for Memorial Day and the best party of the year, you probably already know you’re in for the time of your life. But if your friends aren’t coming, it’s time to let them know what they’re missing so they don't make the same mistake next year.  Here are just a few of the pictures you need to be flooding your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with. 
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The Snoopadelic Cabaret At TAO

snoopadelic cabaret at tao las vegasJust as TAO Nightclub is synonymous with Vegas nightlife, Snoop Dogg is synonymous with hip hop. When we came together to merge these two titans of their industries over a year ago to launch The Snoopadelic Cabaret we knew we had something special.  Our next date will be Saturday May 2nd, during what is sure to be one of the biggest fight weekends in Sin City history. We expect this to be one of our wildest cabarets of the year – won’t you join us? Read More ...

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